Wedding Wednesday #3!

Today’s post will be about our WEDDING WELCOME BAGS! Honestly, I think these were my favorite.

We are from Philadelphia and we LOVE our city, my husband has some Philly themed tattoos. We got married right outside of Philadelphia, so we had a block of Hotels at the Crowne Plaza on City Ave (technically Bala Cynwyd) and because of many of our guests stayed the entire weekend – we wanted to have a special thank you for them. The front desk was nice enough to hand them out as our guests checked in also! If you are thinking about this – ASK – most hotels will do it free of charge, and for an additional fee leave them in the rooms. And this only applies to people who booked under the room block, anyone who didn’t they weren’t able to keep track if they were for our wedding or not.

Screen Shot 2015-06-09 at 10.32.17 PM

First we ordered bags from Oriental Trading that said “welcome to our wedding” they were $7 for a dozen.  We also made water bottle labels from there as well. We uploaded our picture, and my Matron of Honor came over one day and helped me put them on our water bottles. Most of our items we bought in Bulk, because we needed about 22 bags. So we went to BJ’s wholesale for a big box of Herrs chips, tasty kakes, and of course the water. We also added some peanut chews, a Philadelphia staple of course.  Each bag was filled with 2 waters, 2 chips, 1 tasty kake  and a handful of Peanut chews.  I’d like to ask if anyone noticed a theme in these foods, if you were thinking they all came from Pennsylvania – YOU WERE RIGHT!! Now I’d like to know which of my wedding guests (who read this) knew that?

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Of course food is the most important part of the wedding welcome bag, but also we included some other fun stuff. I mentioned in the last post that my Husband is a graphic designer and he made a lot of our “paper” items for the wedding. In our bag we included a special welcome note, which invited our guests to a farewell brunch on Sunday and the schedule for our shuttle on the backside. We also included a “door hanger” which was my favorite to see them hanging on the door the next morning – he even created one for me for the wedding day which said “please do not disturb, Bride getting ready for the big day.” We also included some Philadelphia fun facts and he made a map of Philly with our sports team logos, and a list of “top places to visit” in Philadelphia courtesy of

Screen Shot 2015-06-09 at 10.32.33 PM Screen Shot 2015-06-09 at 10.32.28 PM

Wedding Wednesday #3!