Hey everyone, so I was M.I.A last week because I was on vacation. Did you miss my posts? I’ve been busy catching up, but I’ll be back to posting regularly this week!

What have you been up to?


Yo Philly Author Event

Hey everyone! How was your weekend? With the exception of my 5 day long toothache, true story, mine was pretty awesome. This weekend I had the pleasure of being the official photographer for the Yo Philly Author Event, which was held at the holiday inn on packer ave (near Citizens Bank Park, home of the Philadelphia Phillies.) There was over 60 authors in attendance, who got to meet with readers and models.


Speaking of Models, meet Travis. Travis was in attendance as well, he is a cover model on A.L Wood’s novel titled Bain. Now I did not do the photo for that cover, but I did do this, among others. There are plenty more to come, so keep an eye on my facebook as I will be releasing them this week!


Now, last but not least, I need to know… Do you like to read? Tell me some of your favorite authors, or favorite books. I am a PA to an author, avid reader, and book manager for Booktrope publishing, so to say that reading is my passion is an understatement. Introduce me to something new, something I can add to my hoarding addiction on Kindle.

Yo Philly Author Event

Wedding Wednesday

In April, I celebrated my 1 year Wedding anniversary. I am addicted to Pinterest, and as all of my couples know, I love LOVE! I just do. I doodle hearts on paper, cry at love stories whether they are in a book or a movie.
How many of my readers are married? How many have had something they forgot on the day of? I made “Smore Love” party favors for my rehearsal dinner as a “thank you” to everyone. Unfortunately they didn’t make it out of the fridge, but hubby and I enjoyed them ourselves after the fact.
These were the most SIMPLE favor to make. If you go to one of those stores that sell bulk (think Sam’s club or BJ’s wholesale), they sell a s’more kit. The kit includes hershey bars, graham crackers and marshmallows! I got little bags from a craft store and then tags to close them up. SO SIMPLE!
Each bag had 3 marshmallows, 1 hershey bar (in half) and 2 graham crackers (in half as well.) These are perfect for a favor, or perfect for a bbq. I am a firm believer that smore’s are both a summer and fall necessity.
What is your favorite summer snack?
Wedding Wednesday

My favorite spring locations for photoshoots…

Now that my first blogs have stepped a little into my personal life. You’ve got to meet me, and some of  my family members from my mother’s day post, now I’d like to talk about this gorgeous weather. Regardless of the simple fact that the spring time turns me into Rudolf with my red, runny and sneezy nose but I can’t get enough of the gorgeous flowers.


1. Race St Pier. This location is probably one of my favorite’s regardless of the weather… I absolutely love the view. There is an amazing sight of the Ben Franklin Bridge, which is a must for any Philadelphian, under the bridge itself there are amazing blue doors that photograph amazingly  and last but not least their are old tracks that have cherry blossoms on either side. Lets be honest, any location that has cherry blossoms is a good one.

2. The Art Museum. This is another Philadelphian must. If you love our city, there are so many great spots just around the Art Museum. First of course, there are “rocky steps”  and depending on which direction you face you’ve got the Museum itself or the skyline. I always opt for the skyline view, but either is nice. Second, there are a few great gazebo’s behind with a fantastic view of the Schuylkill River. I can keep going in regards to this location because you’ve got Kelly drive, boathouse row, there is a little park by the parking lot and across the street cute lil’ steps (also cherry blossoms!!)

3. Neshaminy State Park. I like to Venture outside of Philadelphia every once in a while. The greenery, and view of the Delaware River are great. They also have some really great benches with cement walls, they sound crazy but look cool. pix7

4. Fluehr Park. This is a small park near Holy Family University. There is a tiny lake, and a lot of field space. This is my go-to spot for mini sessions.

5. The Beach. I hope your not thinking “the beach isn’t spring time.” It’s okay if you are because I totally associate it with the spring as well, however who wants to be sweating on the beach for photos? NOT ME! Generally a beach session day lasts me about 3-5 hours, that’s a lot of time in the sun, a lot of time sweating and most importantly a lot of time beginning to smell, lol. If you hit the beach before the heat wave hits, you get off season (FREE) parking, nice weather, and the beach is practically empty.


BONUS: Franklin Square. I’ve only shot here once, and it wasn’t during the spring time but this place is absolutely amazing. There is a mini’ golf course that is Philadelphia themed, a carousel (can we talk about how amazing an engagement session shot on a horse would be?? JUST SAYING) plus a water fountain.

Now, be sure to comment, like or share this post if you enjoyed reading this. I would love to hear some of your favorite locations whether they are in the city or somewhere I just need to go. 

My favorite spring locations for photoshoots…

Happy Mother’s Day

It is no secret that I am a total mama’s girl. My Mom is my best friend, she alway’s has been, and I don’t see that EVER changing. She is one of the strongest woman I have ever met. She raised me by herself, I never went without anything, and always had whatever I needed. No matter what life throws at her, she has a smile on her face and laughter in her heart.

To celebrate my Mom this year, I decided to compose a few of my favorite photos of us from throughout the years. It was hard to pick a top FIVE from the last 28 years but I somehow managed. 

1. My 2nd Birthday. 


2. My 21st Birthday in Las vegas, NV


3. My Wedding Day, April 19, 2014


4. Disney World October 2014


5. My 28th Birthday, which was earlier this week.


I would absolutely LOVE for you to comment on this blog post with a picture of you and your Mom!

Happy Mother’s Day

First Blog



I have decided to put my heart and soul out on the interweb. I’m no author, so please forgive any grammar errors, or my excited giddiness. I love emoticons and explanation points – I’m not yelling, I’m excited. I consider my clients family, and I feel like you should know your family, right? So if you want – feel free to read below for a little “about me” and a list of my favorite things.

First and foremost, I absolutely love my job! I enjoy every aspect, from the sound of children’s laughter to their sleepy faces when they have had enough  Aren’t kids the cutest? I started out working at a Philadelphia portrait studio in 2007 after taking photography classes at Community college. After almost five years of working there, they closed and I was devastated. I think that that was the best thing that could have happened to me. The closing of the company pushed me to make my own photographic mark on the world and this business was born. Everyday I find more and more reasons why I am so thankful to be able to do what I love.

In recent years, I started photographing some of my first weddings, which I immediately fell in love with. I adore every part of the process from meeting with my Brides and going over their wedding details, to the day of the wedding and seeing their excitement as they put on their dress, and especially the moment they walk down the aisle to say “I do”, which in my opinion is on of the most happy and memorable moments. I love that I get to help them celebrate their wedding. If you can’t tell already, I absolutely love LOVE!! Yes, I am the type of girl who draws hearts on note books, loves the color pink, and cries during romantic movies.

I embody many of the qualities that are needed to be a business woman, such as being professional, creative and reliable; but I also want you to know the real me. I shoot with a Nikon; a Canon is great but Nikon is to whom my loyalty lies. My camera is like another limb, always attached.  I was born and raised in Philadelphia, and I love everything about the city; especially the skyline. I am a May baby and I like to think I have a goofy and fun personality. I love to sing and dance (badly might I add), I am an avid shoe shopper, especially if they are glittery!! I think tattoos are works of art, zombies are cool, and drinks are delicious. Something you should know about me is that I am absolutely obsessed with all things Disney! I did an internship in Disney World in 2006, and to add to my love for Disney, my husband proposed to me there in May of 2012.

Last and certainly not least, I have an amazing support system. My Mom is my best friend. I tell her everything and do just about everything with her. No matter what I do in life, just knowing that she is proud of me is one of my biggest accomplishments. In addition, I have some of the cutest nieces and nephews, and the best siblings and cousins. I also have some great friends that I enjoy spending many of my weekends with, and I would truly be lost without them. I have a fabulous husband (who is the other half of Anhalt Photography and Design); he is funny, handsome, and he loves me even though I drag him everywhere to help assist me and carry my equipment. Last, but certainly not least I have my Nan, who is also my rock. I would be lost without all of these people in my life. Plus, I wouldn’t have anyone to photograph when I have an idea that needs to be digitized or when I need a last minute model.

Oh, I forgot to mention one of the most important guys in my life; my dog Bruiser. We adopted him December 2012 from Eleventh Hour Rescue. Isn’t he adorable? and yes, I am one of those Moms. lol.



This list is in no particular order and is strictly materialistic 😛

10.  Anything with sparkles. My nails ALWAYS have sparkly polish.

9. Anything Disney. The mouse owns my heart, what can I say?

8. The Philadelphia Phillies. Don’t say a word. Philly girl until I die. HAHA

7.  Zombies. I just love them. I basically love anything that is Halloween related if we are being honest here.

6.  M&M’s. Oh  my weakness… Milk Chocolate, Dark Chocolate, it’s all good. In moderation of course.

5.  High Heels. Yes please. A woman can never have enough shoes. Right  ladies?

4. Shopping. I love Torrid, Betsy Johnson, forever 21.

3. The color pink. My husband fought tooth and nail about our logo. But it’s a pink, CAMERA! Hello – it’s just amazing.

2. Love. I love love letters. Love stories. Romantic books and movies. Everything and anything about Love, I’m your girl. I’m a sucker for it. lol

1. My kindle. I absolutely love to read, and the fact that I have the opportunity to work with many authors and to be friends with them is an added bonus.

Bonus: My Nikon. Duh, that couldn’t NOT be on the list.

So – I have a challenge for you…  


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Miles of Smiles.

First Blog