GIVEAWAY- Signed S. Donahue T shirt from all the authors at Kiss and Tell Author Event

S. Donahue


I am giving away a signed t-shirt!! To qualify share my blog page and comment done!!! A winner will be picked by Good Luck!! 

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GIVEAWAY- Signed S. Donahue T shirt from all the authors at Kiss and Tell Author Event


S. Donahue

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October 2005


I felt the stares. I heard the whispers. No one can describe how it feels inside unless they’ve lived through it. I battled my weight all my life. When I look in the mirror I’m disgusted with myself. How could it have gotten to this point? I can’t dress the way the other girls at school do. They have all the trendy clothes, while I have to walk around in anything that fits me. I normally look grungy or un-kept.

I walk right past my locker because I don’t want to stop at it until the popular clique has moved away from it. I can’t deal with the torment that they put me through.

“Oh look here comes Hailey the heifer,” Carrie yelled from the locker holding her hand over her mouth laughing. Paulina and Laney chimed in with her. They were my enemies and they…

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Same-Sex Marriage; What’s Next?

Alec John Belle

Today America made history. Today is a day that will not be forgotten, because an outpouring of love spread across the country. Hate cannot combat the amount of love I have seen come from friends, coworkers, and family.

Now that the Supreme Court has ruled in favor of same-sex marriage (or as we can now call it, “marriage”), I can proudly say that I’m alive. Now you may be wondering, But aren’t you happy to be alive every day?  I try my hardest to be happy every day. I’m going to share a story with you. No worries, you’ll see where I’m going with this by the end of this post.

I’ve never shared much about my past. Especially in such a public area like this. Today seems like a good day to tell my story as quickly as possible to prove my next point.

Where does my story…

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Same-Sex Marriage; What’s Next?

Thank god it’s Friday!

Do you have any weekend plans? I will be away from Saturday-Monday shooting with some amazing, and sizzling hot models in Ohio. Blogs will kick back off on Tuesday, and I’ll have a special sneak peak for all of my followers from this weekend’s shoots…  If your not following me now, you might want too!

Here are some abs to hold you over 😉


Thank god it’s Friday!

Did you know we offer a free engagement session?

You may or may not know that at Anhalt Photography and Design we offer a complimentary engagement session with all of our newly booked weddings. And this is why (it’s stolen right from our FB page… lol)

“A engagement photo session, is my compliments to you when you book a wedding with Anhalt Photography and Design. I think an engagement session is absolutely critical because it shows the beginning of the greatest story in the world: YOUR LOVE STORY! This is your happily ever after. It is also, for most guests, the beginning of our working relationship together and sets the mood for your big day. I personally strive to make it fun, personable, and that the session showcases you as a couple. You may even choose to change outfits and go to different locations for your complimentary engagement session.This is also the stepping stone to announcing your engagement, many guests choose to add on save the dates, which can be magnets that are sent to family and friends to announce your wedding date. Another favorite is to have your favorite image enlarged and placed in a matted frame, and used as a guest book at the wedding. This guest book doesn’t just sit on the shelf, it becomes a piece of art hanging on your wall remembering all of your family and friends that came together to celebrate your first day as Mr&Mrs.What are you waiting for? Lets write your fairy tale together….” 

Do you wanna know what’s so great about our engagement sessions, besides our couples of course? I’ll show you in a couple of photos…

1. The Ring. Show off that gorgeous ring!


2. The Love… Showing off how much you guys love eachother.


3. The Theme. I am all about a good theme…


4. Weather. Make the best of what you have to work with. Just because it’s raining or snowing doesn’t mean it will ruin your photoshoot.


5. There is no photo for number 5 because we touched base a little bit about it above, this for most of our couples, the first time we work together. On your wedding day, you’re going to have 101 things on your mind, at the engagement session, we can get a feel for one another. I’m a laid back photographer, and we will have a good time. I like to spend time with my couples, so that on the wedding day it’s one less thing you have to worry about. 🙂

Did you know we offer a free engagement session?

Wedding Wednesday #3!

Today’s post will be about our WEDDING WELCOME BAGS! Honestly, I think these were my favorite.

We are from Philadelphia and we LOVE our city, my husband has some Philly themed tattoos. We got married right outside of Philadelphia, so we had a block of Hotels at the Crowne Plaza on City Ave (technically Bala Cynwyd) and because of many of our guests stayed the entire weekend – we wanted to have a special thank you for them. The front desk was nice enough to hand them out as our guests checked in also! If you are thinking about this – ASK – most hotels will do it free of charge, and for an additional fee leave them in the rooms. And this only applies to people who booked under the room block, anyone who didn’t they weren’t able to keep track if they were for our wedding or not.

Screen Shot 2015-06-09 at 10.32.17 PM

First we ordered bags from Oriental Trading that said “welcome to our wedding” they were $7 for a dozen.  We also made water bottle labels from there as well. We uploaded our picture, and my Matron of Honor came over one day and helped me put them on our water bottles. Most of our items we bought in Bulk, because we needed about 22 bags. So we went to BJ’s wholesale for a big box of Herrs chips, tasty kakes, and of course the water. We also added some peanut chews, a Philadelphia staple of course.  Each bag was filled with 2 waters, 2 chips, 1 tasty kake  and a handful of Peanut chews.  I’d like to ask if anyone noticed a theme in these foods, if you were thinking they all came from Pennsylvania – YOU WERE RIGHT!! Now I’d like to know which of my wedding guests (who read this) knew that?

Screen Shot 2015-06-09 at 10.32.23 PM

Of course food is the most important part of the wedding welcome bag, but also we included some other fun stuff. I mentioned in the last post that my Husband is a graphic designer and he made a lot of our “paper” items for the wedding. In our bag we included a special welcome note, which invited our guests to a farewell brunch on Sunday and the schedule for our shuttle on the backside. We also included a “door hanger” which was my favorite to see them hanging on the door the next morning – he even created one for me for the wedding day which said “please do not disturb, Bride getting ready for the big day.” We also included some Philadelphia fun facts and he made a map of Philly with our sports team logos, and a list of “top places to visit” in Philadelphia courtesy of

Screen Shot 2015-06-09 at 10.32.33 PM Screen Shot 2015-06-09 at 10.32.28 PM

Wedding Wednesday #3!

Newborn Sessions & why they are my favorite…

Happy Tuesday ya’ll, do you like that southern twang from a Philadelphian through and through? I hope everyone is having a fantastic week. This weekend I had the pleasure of doing one of the cutest newborn shoots that I have done and because of that, I decided to compile my top 5 favorite things about a newborn photoshoot….


1. Sleeping babies are the best babies… Well that’s not true all babies are the best. But my favorite are the little sleepers who will just let you wiggle them around and pose them how you please without a peep. They are the most angelic.

2. Little EVERYTHING… I always say the perfect time for  a newborn shoot is between 7-14 days old, they are at their smallest, and those little fingers and toes… oh… my… goodness!

3. This is the perfect time for those Mommy and Me photos, (Dad can hop in too.) after all, you let that lil’ bun bake in your oven, be proud of your accomplishment and jump in a photo with your baby. This is another time you want to take advantage of their being so small, they are so much easier to get a photo with… flash forward to your two year old walking away from us in a photo… lol

4. The outfits…or lack of… This is one of the only appropriate times you can do hiney shoots… After they turn 1, and possibly even before that, it’s not an option. A naked sleeping baby is ADORABLE… absolutely. and if you cool with the idea of naked babies for pictures (bc some parents aren’t) the is a ton, and I mean a ton, of different outfits, wraps, etc to use. I myself have a small stock pile for my clients to use, bc who doesn’t love a little batman? or princess?

5.  Birth announcements. How many times do you get to send your loved ones a card in the mail with a lil’ photo that says “we had a baby?” Unless you have a baby every year, then not very often.  This is one of my favorite ideas… I love photos, and when people send me pictures in the mail, whether they are cards or what I save them.

Plus my husband makes  ADORABLE  baby announcements.

Newborn Sessions & why they are my favorite…