Newborn Sessions & why they are my favorite…

Happy Tuesday ya’ll, do you like that southern twang from a Philadelphian through and through? I hope everyone is having a fantastic week. This weekend I had the pleasure of doing one of the cutest newborn shoots that I have done and because of that, I decided to compile my top 5 favorite things about a newborn photoshoot….


1. Sleeping babies are the best babies… Well that’s not true all babies are the best. But my favorite are the little sleepers who will just let you wiggle them around and pose them how you please without a peep. They are the most angelic.

2. Little EVERYTHING… I always say the perfect time for  a newborn shoot is between 7-14 days old, they are at their smallest, and those little fingers and toes… oh… my… goodness!

3. This is the perfect time for those Mommy and Me photos, (Dad can hop in too.) after all, you let that lil’ bun bake in your oven, be proud of your accomplishment and jump in a photo with your baby. This is another time you want to take advantage of their being so small, they are so much easier to get a photo with… flash forward to your two year old walking away from us in a photo… lol

4. The outfits…or lack of… This is one of the only appropriate times you can do hiney shoots… After they turn 1, and possibly even before that, it’s not an option. A naked sleeping baby is ADORABLE… absolutely. and if you cool with the idea of naked babies for pictures (bc some parents aren’t) the is a ton, and I mean a ton, of different outfits, wraps, etc to use. I myself have a small stock pile for my clients to use, bc who doesn’t love a little batman? or princess?

5.  Birth announcements. How many times do you get to send your loved ones a card in the mail with a lil’ photo that says “we had a baby?” Unless you have a baby every year, then not very often.  This is one of my favorite ideas… I love photos, and when people send me pictures in the mail, whether they are cards or what I save them.

Plus my husband makes  ADORABLE  baby announcements.

Newborn Sessions & why they are my favorite…

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